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Sending Files to a Compressed Folder on a PC

Sending Files to a Compressed Folder on a PC

Place disc in computer CD-Rom. Typically, a window similar to the one below will pop up. Select “Open folder to view files”:

Select “Open folder to view files”

Once the folder is open it should look similar to the screen below:

Using your mouse, LEFT click one time on any single file in the folder. Once a file is selected, hit CTRL + A on your keyboard to highlight ALL of the files on the disc:

Next, place your cursor over the highlighted area and RIGHT click one time. It will bring up a menu with an option to select “Send to”. Click on the “Send to” option and then select “Compressed (zipped) folder” in the subsequent menu:

The message below will frequently appear when compressing files from a disc. Just click “Yes” here and the files will begin compressing onto a new zip file on your DESKTOP.

Your screen should bring up a status window similar to the one below:

If the following error arises while compressing just click “OK”. This will finalize the compressing of the file and now you’re ready to go to upload the file to your order and submit.

Updated on: 18/03/2021

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