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Online Ordering: Walkthrough

Online Ordering: Walkthrough - OCA & Meniscus

Login/Request an Account at (if you do not have one already)

Choose role: surgeon, sales rep, or hospital/office staff
Include name, phone number, work email, and distributorship/hospital
Account approval within 24 hours, but usually within the hour

Place an Order

Login using credentials created above
Click “Order” and select allograft type from dropdown
Fill in the necessary information for the next 6 steps

Order Nickname & Basic Details
order nickname: usually physician name and patient name
procedure details: defect size and location as well as procedure type (OATs, BioUni, Shell, etc) allow us to understand how the graft will be used so we can find the best donor match
order comments: include a desired timeframe, whether the surgeon is open to alternative graft options

Tissue Parameters – Osteochondral Allografts & Meniscus, OCA Cores, or Custom Allografts

Contact Information – local Arthrex rep, surgeon, office contact

Patient Information – optional, but helpful to have at least a last name

Upload Films – optional, but faster and cheaper than shipping a disc; upload instructions found in

Save + Preview Order – this is how your ASC will see the order; use this screen to double check the order and the film upload
Add any additional emails you wish to include on the order update emails
Click “Submit Order”

Your JRF Ortho contact will receive an automated email once the order is submitted

Updated on: 21/04/2022

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